This week, I’ll be doing “Are you Smarter than a Redneck” Trivia on Wednesday instead of Thursday at Bobby T’s in Albany from 7 to 9pm. If you need to get your redneck fix before then, have you noticed how many of the reality shows are about rednecks these days?!

My Big Red Neck Vacation – on CMT is starting its third season.

BuckWild – just started in January on MTV.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – everybody’s favorite mini-redneck appears on TLC.

Swamp Pawn – another redneck themed reality show on CMT, Swamp Pawn is filmed in Louisiana.

Duck Dynasty – Meet the Robertsons and watch them operate a business while living in the backwoods on A&E.

Are you watching any of these shows?  Not sure what the fascination is with rednecks lately, but I’m all for it!  See you at Bobby T’s on Wednesday, BUDDY!