Most of us love the “you might be a redneck… if” jokes – and the only thing better than a good joke is a funny video.  Here are a couple of “Redneck Moments of Genius” for your viewing enjoyment!  If you want to test your own level of genius and your chance to win some great prizes, come challenge me at Bobby T’s for Are You Smarter Than a Redneck Trivia, 221 North Allen Street in Albany.  The fun starts at 7pm during ‘GNA Thursdays.

Redneck Rocket Launcher – in this video, a few beer drinking red necks decide to make a rocket launcher from a piece of fence and about 8,500 bottle rockets.  It’s like the grand finale of a big firework show.

Redneck Waterskiing – Watch these South Carolina guys use a mud puddle and a trackhoe to waterski.