You don't have to wait until midnight or 1am on a Saturday night in Saratoga anymore. The popular Doughboy is now available at some area convenient stores. We've all at least tried one of these delicious Doughboys if you grew up in the Capital Region or went out late in downtown Saratoga. They are typically only available at Esperanto's where they were invented. Now, they have partnered with some Stewart's Shops in the Capital Region to sell in store.

The Doughboy  is sautéed diced chicken breast, blended with cheeses and scallions, baked in pizza dough. It appears right now that the partnership with Stewart's is limited to 13 stores in Saratoga County.

I hope they expand to other counties and even to all Stewart's Shops. I mean if we can't make it to Saratoga, where Esperanto's is, or Saratoga County, how can we get these delicious treats? Hopefully, it will be a big hit and Doughboys will be available soon at all Stewart's Shops.

To find out what Stewart's locations carry the Doughboy, click here

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