Growing up in Jackson, Tennessee, Brandon Lay lived out the songs of John
Mellencamp, Alan Jackson and Bruce Springsteen. He played sports during the day,
fixed up cars after school and eventually wrote down his experiences in song, telling
not only his story, but the story of other kids raised in small-town America.

Now signed to EMI Records Nashville, he’s able to share those songs on a grand
scale, beginning with his autobiographical debut single ‘Speakers, Bleachers and
Preachers.’ Inspired directly by Brandon’s life, the song spells out right in its title
the three chief influences that shaped him. There was always country music on the
radio, he played basketball, football and baseball, and his dad spread the gospel on
Sundays as a minister.

‘Between going to church and playing sports, there was always a lesson to be
Learned,’ says Brandon.’And country music lyrics are all about life lessons. All of
that helped me figure out who I am in the world and what I wanted to do.’

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