As you get ready to party with us at SPAC Saturday, July 6th, here are 5 tunes ya gotta spend some time with before the show!

GNA's Countryfest 2019 presented by Lia Honda is upon us, and we know it is going to be a big party with OId Dominion, Big & Rich, Eli Young Band, Brandon Lay, Caylee Hammack and more. But ultimately, it's great Country music that will bring us together in Saratoga Springs. So as a little music primer for the show, here are 5 songs you'll want to familiarize yourself with before the show because they are sure to be highlights when performed live. They are not necessarily each act's biggest hit, but they rank among their best songs and are some of my favs!


  • 1

    Old Dominion 'One Mand Band'

    One word describes this new Old Dominion song: beautiful. The cell phone flashlights will light up SPAC for this one!

  • 2

    Big & Rich 'Runaway With You'

    This one is a tune John Rich co-wrote with a past Countryfest performer - Michael Ray. While Big and Rich are known for their rocking tunes, they also can deliver a hell of a love song. You'll see the lovebirds dancing during this one.

  • 3

    Eli Young Band 'Always the Love Songs'

    I am including this one from EYB because it is simply my favorite song from them. I just love the picture this one paints, and it's a hell of a song.

  • 4

    Brandon Lay 'Let It'

    I first saw Brandon perform this song in Washington DC a few years ago, and it has been stuck in head ever since. It's ear candy!

  • 5

    Caylee Hammack 'Family Tree'

    This is Caylee's debut single, and its great. A song you and everyone in GNA Nation can relate too!


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