If you thought you could get away from campaign ads by turning off the TV this coming year, you are sadly mistaken.  There's a new feature on YouTube that some candidates are going to make use of for sure, so get ready! 

YouTube has a new feature called interactive cards.   According to the NYTimes.com, they allow you to skip an ad after 5 seconds, but on some videos that you are watching, there will be a card on it, and a piece of text on the right side of your screen.  If you click on it, there will be all kinds of links… maybe a link to a website, pictures, or ….get this?  A call for you to give money to their campaigns!

Getty Images
Getty Images

Right now the Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley is playing around with it.  You can bet they'll be more.

So next time you are watching that cute cat video - don't think you are escaping from your constitutional right to know the candidates and vote for them, because they will be bugging us all unitl we do!

Here's how the new feature works, in case you are interested.

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