After a successful first run paying folks to move to the Green Mountain State, Vermont will continue giving out moving grants.

Maybe you are up for a fresh start in a new home in 2020. According to a CBS 6 story, you can get that fresh start in Vermont and get a boost to your bank account. The state plans to continue their New Worker Relocation Program on January 1st.  The program basically encourages workers to move to Vermont by paying them. Workers were offered $10,000 to move during the programs first phase, and next year they will be offered $7,500.

You can learn more about the necessary qualifications to be eligible for the program here. The main requirements to be eligible for the program are becoming a full-time Vermont resident with a full time job at a Vermont business.

Vermont seems like one of those places you would not need incentive to move to as there are so many beautiful spots to live. Throw in a little cash, and the Green Mountain state gets a lot greener and more attractive to move to.

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