Garth has been in town for 3 shows this weekend, and has not just been playing music.

Garth, who played football when he was younger and was actually quite an athlete (He received a track scholarship to Oklahoma State University according to held a special football camp at UAlbany for some local kids from the Boys and Girls Club according to News 10.  Garth told news 10 he 'smiles more' more than he does performing when he runs these camps.

Ya gotta love the fact the Garth takes the time to spend some time doing good things in the communities he visits. Here you have arguably the biggest star not just in country music, but in music overall, and he's taking the afternoon to throw the pigskin around and help some kids learn a thing or two. And Garth told News 10 it wasn't just about football, but hopefully teaching kids how to treat each other well while making a few friends.

Garth always comes across as a great guy when you see him in public, and when I got to meet him this weekend that really came across. Actions like this just back it up even more!

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