I love golf , I'm not that good at it but I do love playing and I love watching "The Masters" every year, it truly is a right of passage for Spring. I have always thought as I'm sure some of you have that if they had a world class tournament for "Mini" golf I just could win that bad boy. Now thanks to some very creative editor I realize that these professionals would probably enter and win that too.

I have said this before and I'm sure I will again, the creativity of people these days blows my mind. I am not sure I would have even come up with the idea to do this video and even if I did, I know I could not have pulled it off as well as this person did.

This is a look at the 2013 Masters Golf Tournament complete with all of the great obstacles that you find on your neighborhood mini golf course. After watching it I have to wonder, would you watch an event like this if it were on TV? What if there was a Million Dollars on the line? I think I would.


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