You gotta love kids! Listen learning the ins and outs and subtle nuances of the English language can indeed be difficult. I know for a fact, that both myself when I was young and my youngest child could not say the word "truck" without the adults around laughing and trying to make us say, "Fire Truck" over and over." Truth be told however, how many times does the word "truck" come up a day? Now, "Thank you" is something we try to teach our children early in life and want them to say it often. Maybe not so much a good idea with this kid however.

As the guy who posted said perhaps it is because the baby is half Swedish and half Canadian, that makes it harder for him to manage the pronunciations. I say either way, it is just hysterical. If this baby were mine, I would have a very polite and thankful child and a WHOLE lot of angry friends. :)


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