Police say a Fulton County man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon following a nearly 24 hour stealing spree in which the man accused is responsible for robbing at least two places, bagging a total of $13,000 in the process.

The first of the two thefts according to police happened at a Gloversville laundromat and the second was a nearby ATM.  Possibly attempting to get his hands on even more loot later in the day, his luck ran out as an off-duty police offiicer closed in on him.

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According to a report from News 10 ABC, Gloversville police apprehended Joshua Niepoth on Tuesday afternoon when an off-duty offiicer spotted a vehicle in front of a deli that matched the description of the car used in two robberies earlier in the day.

According to the report, the robbing spree started 20 hours prior when police say that Niepoth looted a laundromat vending machine and got away with $1,500.  Later the next morning at nearly 6AM, an ATM was broken into at the NBT Bank located at 12 Fremont Street in Gloversville.

The majority of the stolen cash was at that particular ATM.  Gloversville Police say that it was missing $12,000 dollars according to the news station.

Security cameras from NBT Bank were able to get photos of the man while he was breaking in it, so police knew who they were looking for.

But it wasn't until just before 6PM on Tuesday when the off-duty police officer spotted the familiar car in front of Snyder's Deli with Niepoth inside.

According to the report, Niepoth had two previous felony convictions and he's currently being held in a correctioanl facitlity without bail.

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