One of my favorite amusement parks to visit as a kid was Frontier town. It was run down for quite some time and the state has been working hard to utilize the land to create a Gateway To The Adirondacks. The first phase is now open. It was always sad to see the old Frontier Town sign just off of the Northway as we headed to Plattsburgh. That place held a lot of fun childhood memories and it was heartbreaking to see it rundown. I am so happy that they are converting it into, what the governor calls, The Gateway To The Adirondacks. They broke ground April 11th and the first phase is now open.

According to CBS 6, the first part of the twenty five million dollar project to create The Gateway To The Adirondacks has been completed and on schedule. Now visitors and tourists can enjoy trail access, day use of playgrounds and equestrian camping. There are also electric vehicle charging stations.

The rest of the project should be complete by summer 2019.

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