After 10 years of dedicated service Fred Jackson a beloved fan favorite of the Buffalo Bills has been cut from the team. As you would expect if you read any of the comments from Bills fans on the various posts about the announcement this announcement is not going over well. As with most things I have mixed reactions but I can only hope that if he wants to extend his career another year or two there is an NFL team out there who will give him a chance.

An undrafted free agent from a small school, Freddy was lucky enough to even make a team 10 years ago and now with a career of limited carries and sharing the running back duties throughout , he finishes as the Buffalo Bills third best ever. Always working hard and putting the team's needs before his own.

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Listen as an Eagle fan I know more than anyone what it is like to have your favorite player traded or waived from the team. No one has seen more change from one year to another as we have this year, but I always try to remember its a business and for the most part the guys who are making these decisions are much smarter than me. I do however feel that there are certain members of any organization who have earned a right to go out on THEIR terms and Freddy is definitely one of them.

I at least would have waited until the last cut and taken the remaining week and a half to let his agent put feelers out around the league, but again, what do I know?


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