Every holiday season I pile in the food and forget four simple things I can do to limit weight gain and keep my energy up. So this year I will tell you in a effort to remember to do them myself.1) The number one most important thing to remember is to DRINK WATER! Water is the key to your health in general. It will help to curb your appetite, keep you from getting hungover(we all know we'll have a few) and keep your metabolism moving. Not to mention it's good for your skin.

2) KEEP ACTIVE! If you start your day with some push ups and crunches you will burn more calories through the day. It's great for your energy level too.

3) ON YOUR FEET! Simply standing instead of sitting is a small way to keep your system moving.

4) This one is just as important as drinking water SKIP THE SALT! Salt is terrible for you. Start to use less and less every day until you barely need it anymore. Not only is it bad for you but it hides the natural flavors of your food.

On a side note if you're not already start taking a good multivitamin. Good luck and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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