Thanks to his dogs appreciation for a human treat, a Fort Edward man bought a NY Lottery scratch off that scored $10 million!

This is a story you wil put in your 'How come this stuff never happens to me' file. Dale Farrand of Fort Edward is really loving his dog today and his pooch's appreciation for Slim Jims. According to a News 10 report, while picking up the snack for his dog, Dale also purchased a $30 scratch off ticket at his local Cumberland Farms. That ticket ended up being a $10 Million winner!

I am sure at some point someone purchasing Slim Jims for human consumption also bought a winning lottery ticket. But someone getting Slim Jims for their dog resulting in a lottery win has to be a first! Especially a $10 million payday.

This is just more evidence to support dogs really are man's best friend! Dale is definitely happier than ever with his best friend!

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