AB Arrested in Florida

Antonio Brown's tenure in Albany may be over, the team he once owned has a new name and ownership, yet the legal trouble won't stop for the embattled former NFL star and short-lived Capital Region resident.

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"He's making a mockery out of the judge, out of everything, because he feels like he's untouchable." Antonio Brown's ex tells TMZ

According to TMZ Sports, Antonio Brown was arrested in Florida over the weekend just days after Wiltrice Jackson, (his ex) told TMZ "she wanted him put behind bars over unpaid child support."

How much does AB owe?

According to TMZ, he owes Jackson nearly $31,000 of unpaid child support money.

AB on X (formerly Twitter) in response to his recent arrest and allegedly not paying child support
AB on X (formerly Twitter) in response to his recent arrest and allegedly not paying child support


Antonio Brown's time in Albany was short-lived but tumultuous.

Initially brought in to help promote and market the 2023 Albany Empire, (a team btw that had won back-to-back championships) Brown slowly worked his way into an ownership position, driving out the previous owners while driving the team into the ground.

Amidst a myriad of legal issues, declining fan and community support, and poor team play, Antonio Brown's Albany Empire was removed from the National Arena League.

AB Mugshot TMZ Sports
AB Mugshot TMZ Sports

Troubles on and off the field

AB's off-the-field issues have been well chronicled going back to his early playing days. But it's really been ramped up over the last few years; legal battles over child support, domestic allegations, a COVID-19 falsification, and accusations from players (and partners) about not getting paid.

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