Just in time for summer, a well-respected foodie website has determined the best ice cream in the Empire State.

If you are reading this in the Albany area, or for that matter anywhere in New York state, your favorite ice cream is popping into your head right now. And unless you live in Saugerties, you are thinking "No way, the best ice cream is in (your town here) at (your ice cream spot here)!" That is the beauty of ice cream - it is ALL good no matter where you get it!


But ultimately, the food aficionados at Eat This Not That have a job to do and there is a method to their delicious foodie madness. They have looked to the ratings and reviews of Yelp to determine their best ice cream shop in every state.

The best shop in the state of New York? There is a pretty good chance you will be in its vicinity during your travels on the summer ahead!

Saugerties Ice Cream Shop Is Best In New York State


You will need to head to beautiful Saugerties in the Catskills to sample what Yelp reviews and ratings say is the best ice cream in the Empire State - Alleyway Ice Cream in Saugerties! Here is what Eat This Not That had to say about Alleyway:

Handmade in the Catskill mountains, Alleyway is definitely worth the pit stop whenever you're heading up north. Their delicious assortment of ice cream includes vegan options, too. From sweet potato ice cream with maple glazed walnuts to honeycomb ice cream with a chocolate swirl, you can't go wrong with any of the choices.

Now here is the real beauty of Alleyway: if you live in the Capital Region and points south, there are several local grocery retailers that carry their ice cream, including locations in Coxsackie and Kingston. So you can pick up a pint to bring home if you wish! You can see a full list of those grocers here.

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