Every Thursday we do 'Your Town Thursday', except for when we are on the Small Town Tour when we do it on Friday. It makes sense - just roll with it. In honor of being in Fultonville, I did a song about Fonda. Long story. Fultonville makes a cameo. True story - we were supposed to be in Fonda but there isn't a diner there, so we ended up in Fultonville. Check out the song!

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We’re In Fonda

Lyrics (c) 2012 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

(Parody of “Help Me Rhonda”, by the Beach Boys)

I wanna tell you bout a place that welcomes you with open arms

It’s got a subway stewarts and and an awesome little cuberland farms

A truck pull, that’s required - it’s the home of Mohawk Fire

while you’re around check out the choo choo train that go thru the town


We’re in Fonda we’re here in Fonda

I drove here in my Mohawk Honda

Folks are friendly - they say “Nice to see ya”

Braves icream 3 pizzerias

check out Tekakwitha shrine

or the DMV where you can stand in a line

I’m very Fonda Fultonville – cuz that’s a nice town too


In the summer spend a whole week

hanging out in the schoharie creek

Check out the Buckhorn while you’re there

and road construction near the Fonda Fair


The school lost it’s funding for modified sports

but still surviving according to reports

Because of Missy’s Booster Club

they’re working hard they won’t give up

We’re in Fonda, yea, on WGNA – The Small Town Tour , The Small Town Tour


Special thanks to: Stacy, Bert, Nikki, Laurie, Linda, and financial planner Joe Ventura of All Square Financial for the song inspiration.