According to CBS 6 News, a Montgomery County woman was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after police confiscated and rescued 7 Chihuahuas living in horrid conditions over the weekend.

The animals have since been bathed, shaved, cleaned up and are now in the hands of some amazing folks at a local animal shelter. You simply will not believe the "before" and "after" photos of these lovable doggies dubbed "The Lucky 7."  While they most certainly are lucky, the transformation from mangled and matted to clean and clipped is nothing short of miraculous.

CBS 6 reported that the woman responsible for neglecting the dogs is Kathleen Miller who according to the story was harboring them in horrible conditions inside her attic.  Miller faces 7 counts of animal cruelty charges.

The 7 downtrodden doggies were then brought to Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter in Sprakers, New York where they were scrubbed, shave, trimmed and loved. The CBS 6 News report says that the staff at the shelter discarded nearly 16 pounds of fur and matting.

The before and after photos are nothing short of amazing as the animal shelter literally brought these lovable pups back to form and back to life.

Warning: some of the before pics are difficult to look at if you're sensitive to animal abuse images.

In a message posted by the Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter, they update the physical condition of the "The Lucky 7" as well as explaining that in some cases the animals needed to "relearn how walk."  It's heartbreaking, but these good little doggies are finally getting the love they deserve. If you'd like to make a donation, click here. 

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