We have some great fast food places in the area but one has always evaded us and it's just made us want one upstate even more!

No, it's not in the Capital Region, not yet anyway but it's not too far away either. In March 2017, Chick-Fil-A announced that they will be opening their first Upstate New York location in Cicero, NY and it opened yesterday.

I took a look and yes, it's a bit of a drive, but not anything more than a quick day-trip. Cicero is near Syracuse and only a little over 2 hours away. Syracuse.com said that when the restaurant opened at 6:30AM, people were already lined up. The city event announced official traffic alerts expecting the heavy traffic that was going to be around that area.

Is it the Capital Region? No, but once Chick-Fil-A sees how excited Upstate New York is to have one even in a bit of driving distance, isn't the capital of the state the obvious next step? Is this something you'd travel to or are you just going to wait it out until there's an official opening here?

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