This cracks me up - especially when you see how much the Fab 4 signed their young lives away for in the very early days.  There's an auction for this valuable piece of paper.

Love, love, love this.  According to Rolling, my favorite band of all time signed a little contract back in 1961.  It was their first one. and Ringo wasn't even involved.

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In case you are too young to know history of this famous band,  Pete Best was actually the first drummer.  Ringo came later, but the original "Fab 4" signed a deal as backing band for another group.  They were called "The Beat Brothers" at that point, and the deal that they put pen to paper for paid a whopping $80.00!

Now I did some figuring, and according to here's what it's worth today


Not TOO bad for a bunch of teenagers back then, but ironically enough, they are auctioning off that same contract for $150,000!!! 

Any takers?  And more importantly, what's your favorite Beatle song?  Mine?  I think Lady Madonna would be right up there.  Would love to hear your pick!