Take a few minutes to make sure the fire hydrant near your house is cleared.

Fire fighters in the Capital Region are reminding residents to keep the area around fire hydrants clear of snow!

Bill Schumaker Facebook
Bill Schumaker Facebook

As the capital regions gets hits with our first “big” snow storm, local fire fighters are reminding us of the importance of keeping the area around fire hydrants clear.  By doing this, you are allowing fire fighters the ability to quickly find the fire hydrant in case of an emergency.

Can you imagine if our firefighters had to spend that precious time shoveling to get through to the fire hydrant.  Let’s help them out!

Residents should remove any snow and ice within a 3 foot perimeter of the fire hydrant and clear a path from the hydrant to the street.

If you live on a street with a hydrant, chip in and help.  It only take a few minutes!

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