I know after all of this snow we have gotten in the last couple of week, the last thing you want to do is shovel more. But these are important things that you should always clear after a snow storm. Most people know that you need to clear your sidewalks and walkways, but you should also clear other areas in case of emergencies or to avoid one.

Local fire departments are asking residents to clear out fire hydrants on or near your property. You are asked to clear away a three foot area around it as well. This will allow fire crews to access them easier and for hydrants to thaw faster so crews can hook up to them faster. Also, fire departments are urging residents who park on the streets to clear a parking spot completely and then re-park so fire trucks can get down the street easily and safely to respond to an emergency faster.

Also, check your vents around your home. Clear away snow from the ground as well,  near dryer vents and exhaust vents for air to flow freely. This will help with the threat of carbon monoxide build up in your home.

Another helpful tip is to make sure snow around your gas meters are also cleared. This will prevent the lines from becoming frozen and affect your heating of your home.


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