What the Casting Director is Looking for This Time

This casting call is for a variety of Buffalo Bills fans. They were looking for a fan with a Josh Allen tattoo, a family of Bills fans, ultimate Bills Mafia fans, and parent/kid fan duos. I signed us up for the parent/kid duo. My son Ryan is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan and I am all in with him. We all came up with a concept and we submitted this video.

There's Another National Commercial to be Part of

Earlier this week I found out about yet another national commercial being filmed that required Buffalo Bills superfans. You might recall that I auditioned, was selected, and filmed an NFL commercial a few weeks ago in Buffalo. I wound up being cast as a Buccaneers fan cheering on Tom Brady. This time it's all about Bills Mafia so I threw our hats in the ring.

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media

No Expectations But Hoping to Get the Part

I am going into this just like the last one. I sent in our stuff. If they like us, they will call. If we aren't what they are looking for, well then it was a lot of fun to do with Ryan. I hope we do get a callback because the experience I had the last time was really fun and exhilarating. I want Ryan to see what it's like to be part of something so fun and different. Plus in the casting notes, they said that Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills quarterback would be filming this commercial too. Ryan loves him.

Ryan bills training camp

Either way, no matter what happens, these experiences are priceless. I am just so happy I am able to share it with Ryan. I mean the kid is only ten and he's had some amazing experiences already.

Inside Buffalo's Bruce Smith's Spook-tacular Quarterback Graveyard

Bruce Smith was an assassin at the linebacker position during his career, and he's created a memorial for the tens of QBs who were put into the ground by him on the football field.

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