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Fingers Crossed Here's My New Audition For Real 'Bills Mafia' Ad
This casting call is for a variety of Buffalo Bills fans. They were looking for a fan with a Josh Allen tattoo, a family of Bills fans, ultimate Bills Mafia fans, and parent/kid fan duos. I signed us up for the parent/kid duo. My son Ryan is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan and I am all in with him. We all came up with a concept and we submitted this video.
What Did I Sign Up For? Getting Fitted as a Bucs Fan for NFL Com
I was super excited last week when I found out that I was selected to be in an Amazon NFL commercial. When I sent my video in I thought I was trying to be cast as a Buffalo Bills Fan. I found out that was not the case. Apparently, I will be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan in a boat. I had the fitting yesterday and it turned into a four-hour ordeal. But it was pretty cool. After the fitting, I was able to get onto the field. It was amazing. Today we will film the commercial and I can't wait. Here's what my day was like.