Some Pokemon gamers got into more than just catching Pokemon in Hudson Falls Saturday night.

And it looks like this story IS NOT about the players starting trouble, but just some troublemakers causing the problem. According to News 10, a pretty big brawl broke out Saturday night near Juckett Park in Hudson Falls. It's a pretty popular 'Pokemon Gym.' Witnesses say the fight was not about the game, but 'nasty words' which led to a fight.

I know we see a lot of stories about Pokemon, but this really looks like a story about Pokemon players out enjoying themselves, and troublemakers stirring the pot. It's just another reminder WHATEVER you are doing outside, especially at night, to be aware of your surroundings and to be careful out there!

It will be a shame if this ultimately comes down to a story of some innocent people having fun with a game got attacked for no reason. And maybe we should focus less on Pokemon, and more on the folks who just do bad things no matter what the scenario.


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