Getting a vaccine in the Capital Region is hard to do. If you or a loved one are in the groups that are allowed to schedule a shot, it has been almost impossible to schedule an appointment. If you are lucky to get one, chances are you are waiting weeks to get the vaccine. In fact, my mom is traveling to Plattsburgh to get hers and her appointment isn't until March.

It was announced that CVS Pharmacies in select Capital Region cities will be doing vaccines starting next week. They will begin administering the vaccines on Thursday, February 11th according to There are thirty-two locations throughout New York state and four cities in the Capital Region will have the vaccine available at their CVS Pharmacies. They are Saratoga Springs, Glenville, Queensbury, and Hudson Falls. When more vaccines become available, CVS will expand locations and offer more appointments.

You must meet certain state criteria to be eligible for the CVS vaccine. This is determined by New York state as to what group you fall into. You will also need to register in advance at or the CVS app. You must have an appointment and walk-ins will be turned away. You can begin making appointments on February 9th.

TheNew York state CVS Pharmacies vaccines are part of an initial eleven state initiative that includes about three hundred thirty-five CVS locations. The other states are California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia. The hope is that CVS Pharmacy locations will be available throughout the country when more vaccines become available. They also hope to administer twenty to twenty-five million shots per month.

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