If you're looking for a movie to see for Valentine's Day either if you're a couple or a family, try one of these. Jackson knows that Jumanji can't be #1 again, he'll tell you what will be.

If you've been following the Fifty Shades series, you know that "Fifty Shades Freed" comes out this weekend. At this point, Christian Grey and Anastasia are married and dealing with the changes that come with that. Anastasia also finds out she's pregnant. Between pregnancy, potential infidelity, their relationship could be forever changed.

For families, you can go see "Peter Rabbit." I used to love the books by Beatrix Potter, I'm surprised it took this long for them to make a movie. If you're familiar with the books, the storyline should be familiar too. Peter Rabbit continues his fight with Mr. McGregor but a new conflict throws itself into the mix.

To see what Jackson had to say about these movies as well as others, you can find it all at Lights-Camera-Jackson.com.

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