Another day, another credit card scam, right? There's a new scam going around using FedEx to gain your trust, make sure you don't fall for this one!

When you have a package coming via FedEx do you have it set up to send you text messages? Well, that could be the gateway for a scammer to get your credit card!

According to Mental Floss, a new scam is going around that sends a fake text message about an impending package that you're not actually getting. That's when the text asks you to “set delivery preferences." When you click on the link, you're brought to what seems like an Amazon satisfaction survey. Then, you're offered a free gift with shipping. You put your credit card number in to pay the $6.99 and it ends up triggering a monthly subscription charge of $98.95.

A lot of people are used to the fact that after a service, you're brought to a satisfaction survey and think nothing of it. Amazon will not only never give you a "Free gift" but not bring you to a strange URL to do it.

If you've gotten a text and are unsure about a package, go directly to FedEx or the shipper's website to check.

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