Before you pack those snacks for your kids when you head out on your adventures this summer, check and make sure this popular cracker isn't in your bag. According to, there is a voluntary recall issued for Ritz sandwich Crackers and Ritz Bits products due to possible Salmonella. The parent company called Mondelez Global LLC, who manufactures the cracker snacks, made the announcement on Saturday.

The company believes that the whey powder, an ingredient in the crackers, may contain the Salmonella. The company that supplies the whey powder has issued the potential presence of Salmonella.

This is just a voluntary recall issued as a precaution by the Mondelez Global company which manufactures the Ritz Crackers. There haven't been any reported illnesses or complaints and this is just a precaution based on the whey powder. Anyone who has these products should not eat them and throw them away. Questions can be directed to Mondelez International at 1-844-366 -1171.

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