Just when we thought with the summer months coming to an end, we could stop worrying about bugs, this story comes out. Now, I have to worry about them not only biting my face, but leading to heart disease.

I've never heard of Chagas disease until this article from Buzzfeed that said it's not only on the rise but specifically here in the United States. Apparently this disease is pretty prevalent in Central America but is making its way up here thanks to the "kissing bug."

I've seen the kissing bug around here before but I never really thought anything of it (I honestly probably thought some of them were stink bugs). The "kissing bug" spreads the disease bit biting people's faces while they sleep.

According to Buzzfeed, "These bugs contract a parasite called T. cruzi after biting an infected animal or human, and then shed the parasite in their feces. This fecal matter — and T. cruzi — can then wind up in the bloodstream of the next person the bug bites." Most people won't have symptoms but one-third will develop heart disease.

If you do have symptoms, it'll be a fever, fatigue, rash, and swelling around the eyelid from the bite itself. If you see any of these, consult a doctor. According to Texas A&M they haven't made their way to our parts yet but are slowly approaching so just be warned.

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