The Good News: We probably won't see a lot of snow from a powerful storm brewing over the Atlantic Ocean right now. The Bad? It will lead to more extremely cold temps later this week.

I know. Just the name 'Bomb Cyclone; sounds intimidating, right? But when you a have a winter storm that is only rivaled in force by a hurricane, the name reflects what this storm could do. According to the Washington Post, a storm like this, besides a hurricane, is unheard of in this part of the country., producing hurricane force wins. Thankfully, the strongest part of this storm will remain over the Atlantic Ocean. As far as snow and wind, it should be minimal here in the Capital Region. BUT...

As this storm swirls around and around, the Post says it will '... will help draw several lobes of the polar vortex, the zone of frigid air encircling the North Pole, over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast by Friday and Saturday.'

And for the Capital Region, that means a high of only 5 degrees Friday (Low of -10) and a high of -2 (Low of -12) on Saturday!

So get that firewood ready, grab those extra blankets and stock up on booze! It's going to be a cold one this weekend.

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