Get ready to do your best Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer in Warren County. The First Wilderness Heritage Corridor is doing a county-wide treasure hunt starting in June. It will take explorers through the most historic sites throughout Warren County according to News 10 ABC.

I was a huge fan of all of the Indiana Jones movies and of course Goonies. I mean didn't every kid in the eighties hope to find a hidden treasure while on a wild exploration with their friends? I realize that this isn't to the magnitude of those classic movies but al least now I can bring my family on a real treasure hunt through Warren County. This sounds pretty cool.

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There will be riddles that need to be solved that will lead you to certain sites in the First Wilderness towns. The hunt itself will feature "letterboxing". This is a challenging hunt that includes orienteering, solving puzzles, and art to locate hidden treasures. They are calling it the "Letterboxing Trail." The trail will allow both Warren County residents and visitors to explore the cultural, historic, and recreation locations through the First Wilderness Corridor. The hope is that families will go out together where they would not normally travel in the county to discover historic locations.

You can pick up your own First Wilderness Letterboxing Passport at the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors' Center. Each stop will give you clues to search for a hidden, weather-proof box. There will also be a logbook. After locating the box, you will find a stamp inside to use on your passport. You will also be asked to leave a note with your own stamp in the logbook to mark that you've been there. You must then return and hide it for the next explorers. If you find at least eighteen of the First Wilderness letterboxing sites, you will get a free embroidered First Wilderness patch.

You would have to submit your passport online to get your patch by clicking HERE.

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