When the warmer weather arrives, unfortunately so will higher gas prices.

It happens every year. As the warmer weather arrives, so do warmer gas prices. And as much as it bothers me, part of me does believe it's a matter of supply and demand. But it is still frustrating, right? It's one of those expenses that does not seem like a lit when prices first go up, but after you break your gas budget for a month, reality sets in.

This rise may not be as simple as supply and demand. According to a Times Union report, gas prices are already 30 cents higher in the Capital Region than this time last year, and we could hit $3 a gallon this Spring because of routine refinery maintenance and the switch to summer blends of gas. The article says foreign countries pulling back on oil production is part of the rise in prices.

The good news is after peaking around $3, prices should go back down a bit as we head into the Summer months.

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