You could be an avid baseball fan.  You could be a semi-avid one.  And I'd hazard to say that even if you could care less about the sport, a look into the Baseball Hall Of Fame hidden archives will change you forever.

Little dose of honesty here.  After going to bed late, being up at 4am and doing the show, you have a tendency NOT to want to take a tour without food and or a catnap.  But that was until we hooked up with museum curator Tom Shieber, and he gave us a walking tour into the hidden, air conditioned, humidity controlled catacombs of the Hall of Fame.  I will blab no more.  The pictures tell the story:

Levack sneaks  into back entrance in total defiance of house rules - SHOCKER!

Extremely rare donated newspaper featuring article about very famous actor getting ready to perform soon.  You might know him:  JOHN WILKES BOOTH!  Ring a bell?

All of us donning white gloves before entering a very special section of rare memorabilia.  They take this stuff seriously!  You'll see why in a second!

Sealed boxes (alphabetized)  that contain uniforms of some famous folks you might know.  Can you read the names?  Here's just two of the names that begin with "R".

Selena!!!  You're not supposed to take Babe Ruth's jersey out of the box!!!!

When newcomer pitcher Brian Gordon made his debut with the Yankees recently, he also made history.  He used the first all synthetic baseball glove.  We got to pick it up.  Light as a feather!  And made in Cooperstown!  Read about it here at

Fascinating stuff, and this was just highlights from 1 hour spent in the museum.  You could spend months!  Although the general public is not allowed down here, it doesn't matter.  There's PLENTY to see upstairs, believe me.  For more information, you can go to  And many thanks to Tom Shieber (no, not Tom Seaver) for sharing just on small bit of his  encyclopedic knowledge  - and he was funny too.