Women's fashion this spring is showing a lot of color and a lot of print.  I mean color and big, wild patterns.  Neon yellow, fluorescent orange or Crayon blue are a must for your closet this spring and summer.  And while you're at it, pick up some tribal prints, flower power shorts and a few other essentials for your 2012 wardrobe!  The weather is beautiful outside, so why not get your "look" revived before everything is gone in your size!

Here are five ways to spruce up any girl's closet with versatility and style.  Check them out!

Citizens of Humanity

Printed pants and shorts -- These are staple for your closet this summer.  There are plenty of different colors in the prints I have pictured.  Very cute with flats, but will also pair up nicely with a pair of wedges, too.  Whether you're going to an casual, outdoor hang out or a party on the weekend, these prints will look great no matter the occasion. 

Colored Jeans

Colored skinny jeans -- Regardless of what color you prefer, you will see colored jeans everywhere this spring and summer.  Over the winter we saw a lot of dark browns, purples and greens.  For spring, there colors as bright as highlighter yellow, lilac, bright orange, and neon green.  If you want to draw attention, you will want to pick up a pair of neon skinnies this spring.  Trust me, you won't be the only one sporting them out on the weekend.


In case you don't feel like you can pull off a pair of colored or patterned pants, you can still add color by putting it under your arm in a bright handbag or on your wrist or in your ears with bright jewelry.  There are plenty of options when it comes to color.  Don't be scared.  Instead, be daring!  Put that color where you feel most comfortable and really brighten up your look this spring. 

Spring shoes

If you love shoes or are more traditional- color on your feet!  If you have a fetish for shoes, you will have plenty of luck no matter where you look.  If you're really into color, you can pair a solid colored shoe with a complimentary, colored pant or shirt.  If you're a little more conservative, with just shoes alone, you have more than enough options as far as how much color you want to sport and the style of shoe you will get the most wear out of.  There are plenty of dressy, colorful flats and more than enough options in a heel. 


Last, even if you're all about the color, like I am, neutrals are huge again this season.  So as much as it's nice to be a little on the wild side, some blush or neutral tones will also be a must for spring.  Don't worry- you can still stay a little wild with your taupe, blushy pinks and whites.  There is always the exotic prints.

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