In case you missed the start to our show today, the guys were very surprised I didn't bring my "A-game" to the show this morning because we were expecting a special guest on the show.  Typically, I like to know when we are having a client, country singer, or special guest from the outside in on the show so I can look more presentable just in case I want my picture taken with them or to give off a good impression.   I work with these three everyday so what do I care anymore about what they think of me.

However, stupid me, forgot Phil Vassar!  -- that's right, Phil Vassar, was coming into the studio this morning.  If only I had remembered, I would have blown out my hair or at least put some sort of product in it rather than wrapping it up into a rat's nest and slapping a headband on.  I also probably would have put make-up on, but 4:30am is still too early to be putting anything pointy that close to my eyes.

Anywho, here's the guys' take on how I looked this morning and just women in general.  Ladies, if you ever thought you were being paranoid after a guy passes you on the street or in the hallway -- you weren't!  Guys do have a rating system for all of us, no matter what the day.  They scope out every woman no matter who they are just to see how they look for that particular occassion or moment.  Check out Sean, Richie & Jeff's rating system:

So, now here is the big question for you ladies: "Do you and your friends rate guys in a similar way?  Do you rate guys at all?"  I know I don't, but I'm sure some women do.