According to Sean, Richie and Bethany's Saturday show, here are five myths about men that aren't true . . .

1.  They want to make the first move.  Guys today are into smart, confident women more than ever before.  And according to's Singles in America survey, 90% of guys say they're cool with a woman asking them out.  And according to our resident men, if they weren't happily married, Sean and Richie would be totally into a girl making the first move!

2.  They only want no-strings-attached sex.  I guess not all guys want casual sex, some of them actually want relationships.  Hmmmmm...

3.  Big feet equals big junk.  There's no scientific proof that shoe size or hand size is a reliable indicator of what he's packing.  I feel like I've been lied too all these years.

4.  They're commitment-phobes.  It's actually the complete opposite.  Men on average want to introduce their girlfriend to friends and family sooner than women do, they like public affection more, and they want to move in together sooner.

5.  Men think about sex every seven seconds.  Which, for the record, would add up to more than 8,000 times a day!  It's more like once an hour.  In a 2011 study of men ages 18 to 25, they thought about sex almost 19 times a day.  Which is a lot . . . but WAY less than 8,000.

And here are three myths about men that ARE (allegedly) true . . .

1.  Guys don't tell their friends everything.  And, sometimes it's because they don't want COMPETITION from them if they decide to make a move.

2.  They like to receive oral.  Duh.  A recent study found 90% of men like it at least "somewhat" and about 50% of them like it very much.  I could have told you that! #ThingsWeDontNeedAStudyFor

3.  They're visual.  Studies prove that men are aroused by visual stimuli more than women are . . . which helps explain their love of "movies" and lingerie.  Also, duh.