The latest "viral pic" about a couples unfortunate engagement picture is making its rounds this week.  But as I think about it, I think maybe it could be staged!You know how it goes, guy falls down stairs and someone is there with a video camera to show the world.  It's funny and we all laugh - cause the guy is not injured - and it's funny.  But, sometime I wonder, are people staging their videos so they go viral?

The latest viral photo is of a newly engaged couple.  The plan - have the waiter at a Japanese restaurant create the initials with a heart between.  Here's the part that makes it viral.  Their initials are "AN-AL"  How unfortunate right?  So, of course we see past the romantic part and right to the "funny" part.

FunkSiren, Reddit

After talking it out, Andrea said to me, when you do initials with hearts, you really only do first letters.  So, she thinks its possible its staged to go viral.  ESPECIALLY if you are taking a picture, you SEE it before you post it!  I mean, you're engaged, so you know full well what your initials create. Now, the picture is being taken, you see it and you still post it?  Suspicious!

I don't know, maybe they didn't know and when they saw thought it was so funny they had to share!  So many scenarios!  What do you think?  Do people stage viral photos and videos?  Would you?