This morning we talked a little bit about a video I found on the internet. The video is of an elderly man in a hospital bed, his wife off 66 years by his side and together they sing "You are my Sunshine". There is just something about it, it makes me feel good again about being alive and being human.

Although, when we talked about it on air I was under the impression the man was actually dying, he is not. I have since read that he was in for surgery, he did develop a dangerous infection but as of this moment is out of the hospital and doing much better. I don't think that changes the story in any way however, perhaps it even makes it sweeter.

If you missed the segment on the "Sean and Richie Show", Here is another chance to hear it and my comments about the video and reflections on love, family and blessings.

And if you would like to see the video itself, I have that for you too. I do hope it warms you the way it did me, it truly is nice to see a love that lasts so long, and remains as strong as it seems in the video. God Bless both of these "young lovers", they met in the 10th grade.