Just when you think these kind of things are a thing of the past,  another celebrity or athlete says something stupid and it's caught on tape. I gotta be honest with you the thing that really gets me about this story may not be what you think.

I'm not a fan of the N- word. I know people argue why it isn't as bad "as it used to be" , or "well black people use it all the time". It just isn't a good word, and there is no justification for it. That is what I believe anyway.

That really isn't what I'm writing about though. Clearly we all know this isn't right, what kills me about the video is that this guy, who KNOWS he is a professional athlete, LOOKS RIGHT IN THE CAMERA!  So he is aware he is being videoed and still says it.

Now he is a wide receiver, so I really don't care if the gut is stupid or not. He can do his job without acing the SAT, but when it's a guy who say is a politician or running a major corporation, maybe even an officer in the service even if you don't disagree with the person, or want to stand up for their right to speak their mind, it has to bother you that they are dumb enough to do it on camera. Right?

Well either way it is just one more player as a life long fan of the Philadelphia Eagles that I would just assume got traded.

I am going to add the video because it IS important to the story but please be aware: THIS VIDEO CAN  BE OFFENSIVE IT INCLUDES BOTH A SWEAR WORD AND A RACIAL SLUR.


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