Saturday night was the kick-off to the SPAC summer country concert series with Chris Young featuring Chris Janson and Dylan Scott. Before the show, I had a chance to sit down with Dylan and hear about his new addition!

Dylan and his wife, Blair, announced recently through a gender reveal that their new baby is going to be a little girl, born in September. Dylan already has some practice with children since he's already the father to one-year-old son, Beckett Scott Robinson (Scott's actual last name).

I had a chance to talk to Dylan about how being a father has changed his music style, how different his wife and his parenting styles are, what he thinks may be different between a son and daughter, and the one thing that his son Beckett is into right now that he could do with a little less of around the house.

Not only did Dylan tell me what he was over but he's had to hear it so much, he knew all of the words and proved it. We also have some news on upcoming music since his most recent EP at the end of April.

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