We had a great time with Dustin Lynch when he opened for Brad Paisley last year and one thing in particular about his stood out to us so we gave him a nickname. Well, I told him and this is how he reacted.

To be fair to me, these interviews are never relaxed- for either person. Just imagine, some of your favorite country stars are walking around waiting to answer questions you've prepped ahead of time. Also, have you seen Dustin Lynch? I had to stare into those beautiful eyes one-on-one for 5 whole minutes!

I figured I'd lighten the mood and tell him our unofficial nickname for him: "The Best Teeth in Country Music," and you can look and see that we're not wrong. Thankfully Dustin is a great sport, didn't mind it and shouted out some people that made him earn that name. We also went into more detail on any future collaborations (maybe outside of the country genre) as well as new album plans. Yes, he just came out with an album a bit ago but he has a new song that's not on it and I wanted details!

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