LOVE the Small Town Tour here on 'GNA.  We get to see who we broadcast to every day, and it's great to shake some hands and break bread with folks.  Next stop? Duanesburg. I would love to write a song a bout it, but I'm only one man.  I need info!  Can you help? 

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I need to find out some things in very short notice, so step one? Get the kids to tell me about their school.   I invited myself into Duanesburg Elementary by asking a random teacher, Ms. Bridgette Minute.  I thought she had a nice rhyming name, so I emailed her.  Turns out, she's a big listener, very nice,  and very familiar with the Small Town Tour.  Perfect.  So I'm going to the school tomorrow (Tuesday).

Next strip?  Contacting someone in the Chamber of Commerce to give me information, but I'm having a hard time with that one.  If you are someone you know is involved and would like to send me facts (or come out to the event), please send me an email!

from wgna website

We will be at the Duanesburg Diner at 5156 Western Turnpike from 6-10AM on that day.

Would love to see you there!