Almost everyone loves to go to the drive-ins on a warm, summer night. Load up the car with your friends and family, and go watch a couple of movies from the comfort of your vehicle. Then head to the concession stand for something to eat or drink. I even listed it in a 4th of July thing to do blog.

As they say, the times, they are changing. I was disappointed when I saw this story on YNN: Drive-in theaters are doing digital, and this may actually force some to close because of the expense of the technical upgrades they’ll need to make. By digital, it means no more film.

I always found the dancing popcorn amusing in this vontage clip amusing. They ran this thing forever.

According to Hollywood Drive-In owner Frank Fisher says, "In 2013, there's supposedly not going to be any film going to be made.”

The drive-ins have been an American summertime icon since the 1930s, but didn’t really peak for popularity until the 1950s and 1960s. One of the biggest upgrades of the drive-ins was a change from then speakers that would hang the driver’s side window, to hearing the audio of the mob=vie over your radio.

We’ve had several drive-ins in the Albany area that are no longer around, like The Mohawk Drive-In and the Indian Ladder Drive-In. A few of the survivors are The Malta, Hi-way, Hollywood and Jericho Drive-Ins. Hopefully our local drive-ins will be able to keep going.

I know many of us have some fond memories from going to the drive-ins. What are some of your memories?

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