There was a push by local officials and movie goers alike to try and pass a law to allow movie theaters to serve alcohol at the movies. Well it looks like it may not happen.A couple of weeks ago Mayor Sheehan and local movie theater owners were trying to convince the senate and assembly to pass a bill to let alcohol be served. They argued that comedy clubs and restaurants are able to serve and they should be considered. Governor Cuomo pitched the idea last winter stating that it would increase revenue and help the craft beer industry.

But now State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie said that he would not support the bill under safety concerns. This will all but squash the idea. Under the current law, in order to serve alcohol, establishments must have a full kitchen or obtain a tavern license allowing them to serve alcohol in the lobby only.

So it appears that we won't be able to enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine while having a night out at the movies. I think it's a ridiculous rule considering we are able to drink at other entertainment venues. Hopefully they can come to an agreement soon or try again to pass the bill.

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