Earlier today Richie Phillips had a visit from some friends straight from England. Sadly I missed my opportunity to see if they loved Dr Who as much as I do.Growing up my brother was such a fan he made my mother knit him a scarf. Now I am hooked and so is my 9 year old daughter. Have you ever given the Doctor a chance?

It never ceases to amaze which ones of my friends are Dr. Who fans. I love the mixture of science fact and science fiction. About a year and a half ago my sneaky little girl was supposed to be in bed but to my surprise she was watching from behind the couch. So I explain that monsters and killer aliens aren't real(I hope lol) and if they were real then so is the Doctor which means someone would save us. This logic made sense to her and now she's a bigger Dr Who fan then I am. She's watched the entire series about seven times on Netflix. This is a special year, 50th anniversary. Maybe it's time you gave this British super hero a shot?


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