Chances are, if you or someone you know is graduating or has graduated, they were given the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh The Places You Will Go". Let's face it, Dr. Seuss was part of everyone's childhood in some way. Now you can visit a museum dedicated to him and his work.Just about an hour and a half from the Capital Region, Springfield Massachusetts is home to the New Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum that opened on Saturday. It's home is in Springfield for a reason. Theodor Geisel better known as Dr. Seuss was born in that Massachusetts town and grew up there with his grandparents.

You can tour his boyhood bedroom, his grandparents had a bakery and brewery and all the different rooms are decorated in bright colors and great detail, just like his stories and books. There is also an interactive area where kids can climb and explore statues of Horton, the stack of turtles from "Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories" and Thing 1 and Thing 2 from "The Cat in the Hat."

Sounds like a fun short trip from the Capital Region, not sure about a cafeteria or a place to eat while you are there. Chances are if there is, they would definitely serve green eggs and ham.


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