Congress has been trying to pass a bill to ban the incandescent light bulbs, and you would need to only use a Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Bulb.

According to a story in the Washington Times, Congress finally struck a deal on Thursday  that overturns the new rules that were to have banned sales of traditional incandescent light bulbs beginning in 2012.

Part of the idea of switching to the CFL Bulbs was to help with the global warming problem. They create less pollution by using less power. The one thing that I noticed is that they are more expensive than the good old incandescent light bulbs, although because they do use less electricity, the electric bill is a little bit less.

Personally, I’m glad they didn’t pass the bill. I’m all for protecting the environment, but I have quite a few of the old bulbs ready to replace in our lamps, when they burn out. I think a lot of people do too. If they passed the bill for the new bulbs, would the light bulb police arrest me for using the old bulbs?