We all are suckers for the latest and the greatest of everything.  It's so easy to just put the new one on the Visa and put the old one on the shelf.  This especially holds true for computers.  Is it cheaper to just get a new one when the old one is on the fritz?  Not necessarily

So I have this old laptop.  Here it is by the way


Look at this little beauty.  It works great except for one thing - it'll go online for a little while and then shut off.  Drives me nuts, because everything else works perfectly.  I didn't want to trash it, so I brought it to my "go to" place for problems like this.  I have to give them a shout-out, because they have bailed me out many times for show related technical problems and such.  They are Computer Renaissance in Latham . There's John and Mike and Mike (Mike gets top billing because he's the owner) .

Seriously though, I told them about my problem and they sold me this little gizmo that connects externally.  It set me back a big $20.00.  I now have a backup laptop instead of  helping to fill up a landfill.

Computer Renaissance

As you can see, they have everything in there.  Check them out sometime. They are on Route 9 in Latham.  (I am not receiving any compensation for this, by the way.  Just telling you about a place that will tell it to you straight and won't rip you off.

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